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Are You Ready to Determine the New Road Map of Oil Trade? New Generation Sales Strategies for ULSD EN590 10 PPM and JET A1!

Petrol Trade Rules

You receive new offers almost every day, among these offers there are many ridiculous procedures, starting with ICPO and ending with payment methods. Methods that no refinery in the world would apply. Every day we have to face the fabricated procedures of ridiculous companies engaged in brokerage activities. It’s time to put an end to this.

If you wish, let’s create some strategies together, what do you say? Let’s call these a series of rules, let’s have this as a formula that will make the buyer and seller comfortable.

Petrol Trade Rules

Rule 1: Let’s never give an oil sales job to a person who has never been a company in the world. Let’s ask for proof that he has definitely proven himself to be a company and that he has made an export, no matter what the subject is, whether he has exported socks, in the company’s articles of association. Let’s request through the Commercial Registry Gazette that there are articles related to OIL TRADE and see that this article is in the purpose of establishing the company.

Depending on this rule, being a company means that its name is mentioned in an institution of the state, thus it will enable us to take many precautions that can prevent any fraud. In this case, we can see that we are dealing with a serious person.

Rule 2: He has done business before, has carried out transactions related to this subject, knows the operational aspects of oil trade, and if CIF is purchasing, he has the potential to carry out reception, waterman appointment, customs operations, customs enforcement operations, tank operations, evacuation operations and legal commercial transactions. He needs to show that he has crops.

  1. His connection with companies he previously worked with, such as Survey SGS, Intertek, Saybolt.
  2. Reception agency required for the ship.
  3. Customs Consultant.
  4. Their lawyers.
  5. The output of a previous commercial transaction
  6. Company documents and corporate information used in communication, e-mail address, telephone number and company structure.

He/she should be able to provide you with this information on the above-mentioned topics within a few minutes. A person who has traded before would never store this information.

Rule 3: There may be an army of potential buyers, whether they have money or not. Asking for money from trader companies and expecting them to show their presence is a rather absurd procedure. You already know that he is not an end user, you do not know who he is connected to, and you do not know which refinery or end user he can communicate with. Then why do you ask if he has the money to buy the product? This ridiculous procedure is quite meaningless for the person who wants to sell his product. If you have a product, you never hesitate to show it off.

Oil Trade Rules
  1. The owner of the product is obliged to provide the product documentation to the company with which he has an agreement. Proof of product always comes first. Not money first. When you go to a market or go shopping, you first buy the product, like it, and then pay for it. All trade in the world is this simple. What makes this difficult are the intermediaries who hide behind ridiculous procedures or unnecessary people who think they are intermediaries.
  2. ATSC must be given to the trader company along with the existence documents of the product, this shows that the sales rights are its own.
  3. Actually, there was no such document as UDTA or DTA, but there is no harm in having one. Instead of this document, an e-mail is sent simultaneously to the Customs Enforcement, Tank Company or Ship Company, Agency and other persons simultaneously and permission is given from the ship or tank for the testing of the product. is taken. As a result, product testing does not mean ownership of the product. It means there is a potential buyer.

Rule 4: Determining the payment method of the product. No company in the world wants million-dollar transactions to end in problems, this affects its entire career, so the activities to be carried out through banks on payment issues must be planned in some way. For this, the seller company needs to go through DD, while the KYC process needs to be completed in the buyer company. CIS document is sufficient for this.

Rule 5: When a company is authorized to sell products, a separate authority should not be given to a different trading company. It is very easy and fast for documents to move from one place to another, so it will be sufficient to authorize a single company to prevent the documents from passing from hand to hand. You don’t have to allow this company for life. You can give it 1 week. If it cannot make the sale within 1 week, you authorize it to a different company and you can deactivate the authorization you first gave.

Oil Trade Rules

Rule 6: Refineries have money to supply products to tank companies. If a tank is to be arranged, the refinery has to arrange it. If you want to sell the product, not the middlemen or the buyer, you need to put it on the shelf and show the product. It does not matter whether it is on a ship or in a tank, the Refinery needs to display the product. Companies that want to make money can buy the product and this time they have to think about the other company. For this reason, we need to take the right steps instead of leaving the intermediary company that will sell it in a difficult situation.

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