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InT Supply Chain

We provide trust and reputation with our customers with our international supply chain network.

Product range

We are a foreign trade organization with the widest product range among the world’s leading companies.

On Time Delivery

We maximize trust and business quality by making timely deliveries to our customers. As ATABAS Group, Our References Are Sufficient


We provide services with our expert staff in the fields of maritime transportation, land transportation, train transportation and Land and Aircraft Transportation for Very Urgent Products.

Packages Delivered
Repeat Customers
Our Clients
Commercial Goods
Next Generatio

22 years of experience and customer satisfaction in Blockchain, Web3, BigData,  

Safe in

All of our products are insured by the world’s best and highest quality insurance companies with 110%.


From the moment you start working with us, the concept of on-time delivery will have a new place in.

Why Choose Us

When it comes to customer success and satisfaction, your business must collect feedback about your product or service. If you don’t, then it’s more difficult to assess customer needs and provide effective solutions.

Finding out how satisfied your users are with your offer provides your marketing and product teams with valuable information that can be used to improve customer retention.

Some questions

  1. How long have you been using the product?
  2. Which alternatives did you consider before purchasing the product?
  3. How often do you use the product or service?
  4. Does the product help you achieve your goals?
  5. What is your favorite tool or portion of the product or service?
  6. What would you improve if you could?
  7. Which product features do you consider the most valuable?
  8. Which product feature do you use most often in your day-to-day?
  9. What points of friction have you encountered while using the product?
  10. If there was one new feature you could suggest, what would it be and why?

You can find our company’s reports from all global sectors on management and reporting. By presenting you the analysis reports we collect from many different sectors in the most effective way, we minimize the burden on our valued customers. In our management level, we have a quality team that manages your business in the best way. By identifying the most affordable products in the market, we search for their suitability through our Industrial Engineers and offer reasonable prices to our valued customers.

Payment has always been the most problematic issue, and we do our best to satisfy our customers in this regard. We are working with our Finance team to provide you with all the opportunities for SBLC, LC, BG or cash-required products. For LC or SBLC’s to be sent, we recommend that you contact our company first. Our experts in banking are ready to present you all the details. LC format comes as MT700. However, when it is sent to the second person, it now returns to the MT720 format. After this format, it is no longer possible to post. For this reason, we need to buy Multi Transferable LC for some products. Please contact us to carry out the payment transactions in line with the agreement you have made with our company. Payments made without contacting us will be sent back and we take absolutely no responsibility.



We offer special working opportunities for the sectors that we value the most and for the sectors that are important to us, please let us know in which field you are looking for a product in order to serve you better. You have no doubt that we will offer you the best conditions in every field.
Consumer Goods

We provide the best quality price and service in all fast moving consumer goods.

ENplus® Certified Pellets

Wood Pellets For Sale. A1 & A2 Quality Pellets. 6MM Pine Pellets.

Food and

Tell us which product you need for the food industry and we will supply it for you.

Energy, Oil
and Gas

We provide service in all fields from green energy to solar energy and wind energy.

Atabaş Dış Tic. Ltd. Şti.

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