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We put an end to nonsense like TSA, TSR, CPA for En590 10 PPM in Rotterdam, Fujairah and All Other Ports.

Now, I would like to explain to you an important content that every refinery should know, the first priority is definitely not to carry documents such as TSA, TSR or CPA. These documents contain confidential information, and if any company gives you TSA, TSR or CPA, this definitely indicates that that company has issued a fake document.

Companies such as VOPAK, KOOLE, VTTI, RUBIS, including companies such as KADOIL, BALPET, TURKISH ENERJI, GLOBAL TANK FARM in Turkey, never allow their contracts to pass from hand to hand. These contracts contain private information between companies and these contracts are completely private within the companies. Organized by content.

Now stop nonsense like TSA, TSR, CPA, do not include this nonsense in your procedures and remove these contents.


The first action that must be taken in the sales condition of a product is proof of the existence of the product. SGS Report does not mean ownership of this product, SGS report only indicates the TEST result, no matter who does it, it only means the TEST result. This indicates that the product has just been tested and is the product specified in the report. Other than that, it has no validity whatsoever.

Don’t worry about having the product tested by SGS, let the BUYER company have the product tested by SGS, this means that the price to be paid to the SGS company will be paid by the BUYER company. If a company seriously wants to have SGS tested, this definitely shows that it is ready for purchase. Wherever he finds the money, he makes the payment to SGS and can apply to his bank with the test results. In addition, thanks to this test report, the end user can be contacted.

SELLER is hiding the product, not giving permission to test it, this is complete nonsense, the product is already from the tank company or ship company in the name of the SELLER, it doesn’t matter who has it tested. Only serious buyers pay for testing. In conclusion, I call out to ALL REFINERIES. Now abandon the old procedures and develop new sales strategies and procedures.

Rotterdam Fujairah TSA

Fast simple and clear procedures.

ICPO + CI + FULL POP + Dip and Pay. Regardless of where the product is located, whether it is a tank company or a ship company, the best sales method is DIP and PAY.

As ATABAS GROUP, we only buy products in this way and we do not purchase any other products.

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