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Everything you want to know about us is written here briefly, but you won’t know the difference until you work with us.

Atabaş Group, which was founded by İbrahim Atabaş in 1981, passed to Hakan Atabaş in 1999 after the death of İbrahim Atabaş. ATABAŞ Group continued on its way as a family company by adding different sectors and fields. The export and import journey, which started in the textile sector, is now importing and exporting by cooperating with more than 2000 customers, more than 700 factories and more than 50 supplier companies in 41 countries.

ATABAŞ Group, which provides services in many different fields on Construction Materials, Food Sector, Raw Materials and Metal Industry, continues on its way with the understanding of customer satisfaction first. ATABAŞ Group, which is involved in the tenders and allocation processes of governments, public institutions and private companies in many fields, is among the leading organizations of the world with an annual volume of 2 billion dollars.

01.We Are Creative & Professional
02.We Are Always Improving
03.We Are Honest And Dependable
Our mission

To create value for our stakeholders: by offering to our customers the right combination of quality, service, innovation and price to become their preferred supplier; by using sustainable production methods to make a better world for future generations; by creating a modern and safe workplace for our employees; by striving for operational excellence in every aspect of our business; and by strengthening our brand through our every action.


In order to understand you, we make a list of your wishes in detail, and we offer you the most suitable conditions according to this list.


We present the features of the products we found for you in line with the features of the products you requested at the stage. If you accept, we get to work.


In the second phase, we are moving towards the final of the work by moving on to subjects such as ICPO, SPA, LC and SBLC.

Our vision

To exceed the expectations of our customers, employees and shareholders, to grow in international markets, reliably and faster, to develop a global culture. To ensure that our name is mentioned synonymously with the word of trust, regardless of geography. To work with our competitors at the highest level of mutual understanding and honesty by keeping the business ethics at the highest level in a way to compete only with ourselves.

Reliability 100%
Rivalry 100%
Sustainability 100%
Accessibility 100%
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Kevin Aspten
Global Trade LTD UK

I would like to especially thank Atabaş Group company, when I was in a very difficult situation,
I found the product I wanted at a very affordable price and provided the salvation of my commercial life. Thank you very much..

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Hanzade Balıkçı
Trading Fortuna

It would not be wrong to say that it is the best company we have worked with in Turkey so far.
One of the rare companies that give importance to their promises.

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Nick Saunders

I am very happy to have had the privilege of working with Atabaş Group,
it is a quality and reliable organization that impresses with its on-time delivery and work. I can definitely recommend.

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