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Immutable Procedures of Atabaş Group Company in the Purchase of EN590 10 PPM and Jet A1.

EN590 10 PPM and Jet A1

The most common problem in the oil trade is that the buyers are fake and impose their own procedures on the sellers. As ATABAŞ GROUP, we act as a BRIDGE that will protect both buyers and sellers in order to offer a clear solution to these problems. The BUYER’s money is guaranteed and we get the seller’s documents under warranty. Thus, both the buyer and the seller can trade under warranty.

En590 10 PPM and JET A1

We generally avoid giving seller documents, namely FULL POP documents. Thus, fake buyers whose documents are in the market within ATABAŞ GROUP are not sent.

It is shared with a known buyer, who has worked with ATABAŞ GROUP before, after a preliminary agreement. When we receive the FULL POP documents from the Seller, we allocate the payment from the BUYER in the same way. So the paperwork goes and the payment comes.

Here, ATABAŞ GROUP acts as an exchange or, to put it more simply, a BRIDGE. The buyer and the seller meet within ATABAŞ GROUP and organize the sales process correctly. We simplify and shorten purchase procedures such as TANK TO TANK, TANK TO SHIP or VESSEL, VESSEL TO VESSEL, VESSEL TO TANK, TANK TAKE OVER.

When the ICPO is written, the buyer now makes an irrevocable request to us. We complete the company’s KYC procedures. We review the Company Profile and check whether it has purchasing power.
After the ICPO, we contact the Seller and request the documents of all the products from the Seller in a COMPLETE manner. We want it to issue a CI i.e. Commercial Invoice. After the Commercial Invoice, we receive the documents proving the existence of the product we call FULL POP. Thus, the product is strictly controlled by us for the Buyer.
After the CI, we issue an Invoice to the buyer, when this invoice is signed, we get the source information for the required payment from the BUYER. Meanwhile, our banks are informed about the issue and if Fresh SGS has been made, we notify the bank of this SGS document. At this stage, the Buyer checks and approves the documents. We confirm the existence of the Buyer. Then, we send the product to the Buyer and the money to the Seller with the sales permits issued on behalf of ATABAŞ GROUP.

To put it briefly, the order of operations is as follows.
ICPO + CI + FULL POP Fully including SGS + Payment.

Our simplification of the process makes it easier for many companies in the industry. If you have an EN590 10 PPM or JET A1 product, you can contact us to sell or buy this way.

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