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Rotterdam Oil Trade and Liar Dealers and Logistics Companies


Ovina wants to trade in Rotterdam due to the possibility of conducting business more efficiently and quickly compared to other countries. Rotterdam is frequently involved in trade brokerages for Gasoil 10 PPM and JET A1 Fuel. Let me shed some light on the nature of the business world.

First and foremost, when it comes to TSR (Tank Storage Receipt) requests, it is essential to determine whether the buyer has reached an agreement with any tank farms. Every reputable refiner in Rotterdam requires this agreement, referred to as TSA (Tank Storage Agreement). However, TSAs are not typically provided by large companies or presented openly on the internet. If a company sends you a TSA on a letterhead via the internet, it is likely 99% fake.

Tank Farm Rotterdam

Regarding TSR, this document is highly valued among intermediaries with refinery connections as proof of their credibility. While I do have a tank available for sending empty products, TSR is not a document that can be easily obtained digitally or delivered by hand. Therefore, it is unwise to trust TSR or similar documents sent by fraudsters on the internet. TSR can only be acquired after making a payment during a face-to-face meeting, and it should only be handed over to the tank company responsible for product delivery.

Your first priority is not to rent a tank from any company not based in Rotterdam, 99% of them can be fake. Work with companies that have been fully vetted and when they opened the website, a sample of work they have done and completed, the audits required to question the work. You can work with companies such as VOPAK, VTTI, DTS, RUBIS, KOOLE. However, whether they will work with you is another mystery.


A legitimate tank farm will sign an agreement with you for at least six months and require an upfront payment of at least one month. After that, the paperwork you use is irrelevant to them. When they allocate a tank to you, remember that it is crucial to work exclusively with sellers you are confident are genuine.

There are hundreds of companies in Kazakhstan that have no competence, products, warehouses and absolutely no ownership, you can guess where these products belong, Oman products are also the same, you can trust Qatari products and other countries. However, there are a lot of things you need to pay attention to here.

Rotterdam Tank To Tank

How Should Petroleum Trade Be Done?
Oil trading should be done by getting rid of intermediaries, the reason is that if you are not working with the end user and you are doing a transaction with hundreds of intermediaries, there may be no accident. Everyone dreams of earning $10 per person, some dream of earning $50-100. He wants to get money that he cannot see in his dreams by trading.

Stage 1: If the company needs it, they can request an irrevocable order called ICPO to get to know you. However, there is no need for this normally, if the company says provide it to me, you can submit it.

Stage 2: A commercial invoice is issued to you and there is no need for a procedure in the commercial invoice, but if the procedure has been added, please ask for the document I will write in step 3 when the work starts.

Stage 3: A document called QandQ, which means Quality and Quantity, which proves the existence of the product obtained from an SGS certificate or an equivalent inspection organization and shows which product you will buy with the test results. If it does not give you this document, there is no product, even if there is, doubt its accuracy. Do not work with anyone who does not give you SGS, simply cancel the job and the transaction. It is a company or an intermediary without any competence, reputation or time. Therefore, closing the job directly will prevent all time loss.

Stage 4: Submit a TSA and TSR to the seller within 24 hours of SGS issuance and from the time the product is proven, ie contact the Tank Company where the product is located and hand over the paperwork where you can contact the tank company. And you may need to sign a paperwork called IPA and TTIA. This transaction will be fixed with the agreement to be made between the two tank companies and the transaction will now be completed by executing the two companies. Even if the product is transferred from one tank to another, the Title Holder will not change until payment is made. Receipts are presented when payment is made and the asset owner changes.

Stage 5: Payment, from this stage, apart from the product asset owner, can also be Foreign Trade companies, which we call ATSC, as the authorized company called Authorization To Sell and Collect. However, ATSC is not given to two companies. It is given to only one company and the given company cannot give ATSC to another one.

Stage 6: When the payment is made, the Asset owner changes and the brokers, if any, are paid and the transaction is completed. However, the most important thing to know here is that these are valid for trades that will end smoothly if the buyers and sellers are correct. Definitely not for meaningless trades made by useless intermediaries.

Storage Spoofing Blacklist  Please check black list before start with some logistic company.

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