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Russian Companies Improving Bilateral Relations with Türkiye and Trading with Potential Sales Strategies


As a result of the changing world and geopolitical structures, each country has its own risks to take and strategies to manage. These strategies are plans and strategies that will enable trade within the country to be shaped and its citizens to earn income from this trade and provide employment.

Russia Türkiye

Turkey is an important country for the Middle East. Although its language structure is not suitable for Russia, various commercial structures can be established through the use of a common language, English, French and translators. These structures must not be so-called trade, but real trade that is significant and whose results will benefit both countries.

It can increase its trade volume by making strategic planning in Grain, Metal, Plastic Raw Materials, Petroleum, Forest Products and many other fields. Russian companies can reach trading companies directly, without intermediaries, and establish bilateral relations, partnerships and agreements with these companies. They can do this by following a method that is absolutely not difficult and quite simple.

It is not very difficult for a company to reach Turkey from Russia; they can find many notable companies through the Ministry of Commerce or Trader Companies through their partners in Turkey. Every Trader company can claim that they can make many trades to make money, OIL, FOREST PRODUCTS or Other Trades, but there are not many companies that can make these trades.


We must protect our bilateral relations with Russia despite everything, and maximize all trade with neighboring countries that is permitted by law and under appropriate conditions.

By acting in accordance with the conditions of the embargo, we must develop various ways to continue our trade more widely, carry out studies that will support the imports and exports of both countries, and increase the trade volume in permitted areas.

The arrival of products from Russia through intermediaries causes their prices to rise and reach extraordinary figures, which causes trade in Turkey to lose value and commercial activities to stop. For this reason, companies or individuals performing intermediary activities should never demand commission at a rate that would prevent the completion of the trade.

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