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TÜPRAŞ, Turkey’s largest refinery and one of the world’s top 100 refineries, is undergoing 92-day periodic maintenance.


It was known by every company that TÜPRAŞ, Turkey’s largest refinery and among the world’s top 100 refineries, would undergo maintenance this year. TÜPRAŞ, which carried out a detailed study on the entire facility for approximately 3 months for its 5-year periodic maintenance, made a notification to the KAP platform with a statement predicting that there will be a decrease in monthly production of approximately 300,000 TONS in the oil sector.


The text of the notification is as follows.

In the statement made by Tüpraş to the Public Disclosure Platform (KAP), it was noted that a decrease of approximately 300 thousand tons per month in production is anticipated due to maintenance.

In the statement, it was stated that the decrease in question will be compensated by the increase in import volume and therefore no impact on the sales amount is expected.


In Tüpraş’s statement, the following was noted:

“Periodic maintenance work, which technically needs to be done every 5 years, at our fuel oil conversion facility located in Izmit refinery, will start as of March 1, and a 92-day shutdown is planned. Although a direct impact on the final sales volume is not foreseen, as the decrease in production due to the shutdown will be compensated with imports, the decrease in production will Accordingly, a total EBITDA loss of 196 million dollars is expected.”

Since this planned move of TÜPRAŞ is foreseen by the sector, no decrease in oil sales is expected in general, but it would not be wrong to say that imports will increase in this regard. This means that 10 voyages will be purchased with ships of 30,000 tons per month, with at least 10 Suppliers, to fill the monthly shortfall of approximately 300,000 tons.

The dates are certain, but it is thought that these dates will be planned by TÜPRAŞ and notified to Suppliers.

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