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The Biggest Reason for Endless Trade is “Greedy Intermediaries” in Oil ULSD 10 PPM, Wheat, Sugar, Metal and All Other Sectors.


It is a fact that large manufacturers, factories, refineries and every company, institution and organization that wants to make accurate and sustainable profits through trade in the world need Brokers. However, being a broker is not just an understanding of knowing someone. If you wish, let’s discuss this and make an evaluation.

How Much Do Brokers Know About Business Operations?

As can be understood from the question, Brokers unfortunately do not have any knowledge about the operational part of their business, they want to trade with hearsay information, and they not only convince themselves that what they have learned is true, they also want the other person to believe it and think that what they say is true.

Oil Trade

ULSD 10 PPM Let’s talk about oil trade, we are talking about a system that is heavily linked to Russia, different countries buy these products, sell them by changing their origin, the country that does this the most is the USA, which ensures that Russia remains in the Embargo, by reducing the prices of the products and reducing the profits from the products. It restricts and paves the way for different countries to commit crimes; So that he can use this as leverage against those countries in the future.

In every country, there are companies, institutions and organizations that think they are very smart, but when these companies reach a certain point, their progress is prevented by inspections and different difficulties. You know how Business Intelligence works, “Watching Money gives you business intelligence”

Going back to our topic, the first thing we need to know is that Oil Trading cannot be done by talking in WhatsApp Groups, you need to have face-to-face meetings and, if necessary, manage the flow of trade through Mail and Zoom Meetings.

In Turkey, Switzerland, America, Dubai, Rotterdam and all other countries, you can find companies, individuals or institutions that are arrogant, do not take hair off their nose, and think that the procedures they send are the best sales procedures. However, each of them has different scams in mind. There are many companies that want to defraud people and cause financial damage to them by claiming to be Tank Companies, Auditing Companies or in different ways.

The oil industry is a very small sector and almost every company knows each other, there are hundreds of different procedures sent via WhatsApp, if I tried to publish them here, I wouldn’t have enough time or wisdom to review them.

As a result, in order to prevent these products from remaining in warehouses, they are loaded onto ships by the refineries on behalf of some companies and set off, and commercial companies first contact the companies and then the intermediaries affiliated with these companies to sell the ships on the road. Hundreds of Brokers send documents to thousands of people and trading begins. But the Trade never actually starts. The reason is that each broker is competing to sell the product before the other one, one says I bought it, the other one says I bought it, one says it is my product, the boss of this business gave it to me, the other one says he gave it to me. As a result, the product becomes ridiculous, and eventually, after the “Idiot Intermediaries”, which we call hunters, popularize the product and make it noticed, the real buyer contacts the owner of the product and the product is sold.

Meanwhile, the product’s increase continues, because “Idiot Intermediaries” think that this product still exists, has not been sold yet, and is under their control.

As I said at the beginning, every company needs broker companies in trade, but ATABAS GROUP is a company, not companies or individuals. This is something I said as an example. People, on the other hand, are trying to do business with meaningless and unnecessary documents made by people who do not have any companies, have no qualifications, and send nonsense documents such as LOI, ICPO, NCNDA to these companies through their acquaintances.

The first and most important thing in real trade is that the product is real, the price is clear and we work with companies that can complete the trade. This ensures that the first step of trade is completed, the next step is to identify the companies that the companies work with and are suppliers of. For example, determining the capacity to supply products to companies such as TÜPRAŞ, PETROL OFİS, OPET, TOTAL. Being able to supply products to these companies means communicating with a lot of commercial intelligence.

It is quite difficult to obtain commercial results, if we are talking about Oil Trade, it is necessary to have many different communications, such as performing product tests, arranging the tanks to be unloaded, and reaching an agreement with the operation’s customs consultant and reception agency. Even an incomplete testing process can cause serious problems in product shipment.

As a result, the first and most important step in the “Intermediary” activities we mentioned is to share the product with the right people. If you have a product that you think you can really sell, you can contact our company.

The results of Million Dollar Trades from Cafes, Hotel Lobbies and Whatsapp Groups!

Oil Petrol Trade

We are talking about million dollar trades in businesses such as Oil, Wheat, Sugar and Metal. The profits of these trades are also high, but it would be better to make these trades in official e-mail environments.

Trades made in hotel lobbies will definitely not make sense, the number one reason for this is that what is said is not written down and everyone can claim that everything they say is misunderstood, none of them do transactions in their native language. They want to complete these trades by speaking English, French, Italian or Russian, but the issue is to complete the trade. when it arrives. The results are not at all as expected.

First of all, we must understand that such trades must be carried out through banks as a result of completing transactions such as DD and KYC. Such trades cannot be completed with one proforma invoice and two documents. The seller company is reluctant to show the product and resorts to some excuses. The buyer wants to be sure that the product exists in the company, and this produces a different result. It is very difficult to find the real seller and the real buyer, to be sure of the existence of the product and to be sure of the money.

The seller company is worried about the product falling into the market and making a name for itself, and the buyer company wants to be sure of the existence of the product and prove the product by presenting it to the end user. A complete constraint loop. It’s the chicken or the egg, the chicken or the egg.

Companies that have never had a Million Dollar deposit in their bank before are taking steps for Million Dollar transactions. He thinks that he should be trusted and that he can achieve this job. However, when he contacts the Bank before the money arrives, he sees that the Bank Manager, whom he knows so well, has taken an attitude against him. He doesn’t believe he can manage such a volume of business.

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