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What You Need to Know About Petroleum Trading

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Dear ATABAŞ GROUP of companies customers and suppliers, We do business with many of the world’s leading companies and we make every effort to ensure that these trades progress in a safe environment.

However, it has been decided not to work in companies that plan the rules of trade differently and drown them in meaningless procedures. Companies that want to work with ATABAŞ GROUP company must strictly comply with the following conditions. I regret to state that we will no longer do business with any company that does not comply with our Purchase and Sale conditions.


Condition 1: If a supplier claims to have a product, he must definitively prove the existence of this product. No business will be traded with any company, person or organization that no longer proves the existence of the product.

How is product existence proven?

Petroleum products often have a Q&Q report from SGS. This stands for Quality and Quantity. A newly made SGS report is proof that this product exists and is in a salable condition. In this way, the first step of the study ends successfully. You can confirm the proof of existence of the product by going to the SGS APPROVAL page.

Condition 2: I would like to inform you that ICPO, LOI, FCO, SCO or similar documents will be accepted only if they are contacted through a single contact address. Any documents copied via Whatsapp, Telegram and/or different communication tools, stamped with unreal stamps, approved with digital copies will no longer be accepted by us. These documents must be sent to us officially through the company e-mail address.

How to Provide Formal Communication?

Absolutely,,,, or similar anonymous e-mail addresses will be banned in our company’s mail system. Shipments to be made from these e-mail addresses will not be respected and commercial relations will not be started with a company that does not have a company website or an e-mail address connected to the company website. Under any circumstance, websites that hide the Whois Information of the company and that do not equip the company with correct and honest information in any way will not be respected. Communication with these companies will be completely cut off and there will be absolutely no trade.

3. Condition: The most serious rule that people in brokerage activities must strictly abide by is never to sign an NCNDA or Commission Agreement until the trade has started and the product proof has been provided. The NCNDA or related commission agreement or Commission invoice may be issued upon signing of the Commercial Invoice when trading commences and proof of product is presented.

How to Resolve Agents’ Concerns?

Intermediaries may not want to give away their sellers, they may think that they will be eliminated when they give their sellers. For this, even an e-mail to be sent to them can be kept as a corporate document that they will use. It is out of the question for any intermediary to have problems within our company. Therefore, if he does not trust us and does not want to give us his seller in any way, PLEASE DO NOT MAKE A BUSINESS TRANSACTION WITH OUR COMPANY.

Condition 4: For the information, documents, content, mail and all kinds of signed documents sent to you for any trade within the ATABAŞ GROUP, Please definitely get confirmation from the contact numbers and e-mail addresses on our website, not from the phone numbers in the document. ATABAŞ GROUP COMPANY CANNOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE for the information, documents and contents sent to you without the knowledge of our company.

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Copying Commercial Information!

Commercially, by making changes on some information, documents and documents without the knowledge of each company, it can leave individuals and companies in a difficult situation, therefore, no company can be held responsible for transactions made without their knowledge.

Condition 5: Trade is a business model that should proceed with respect and professionalism. No trade will be made with persons, institutions and organizations that do not pay attention to their speaking style, tone of voice and the messages they send. Regardless of the size of the trade to be made, the trade will definitely be terminated.

No intermediary, buyer, communication officer or designated person, institution and/or organization is the boss or manager of ATABAŞ GROUP. He will DEFINITELY have to suffer the consequences of mistakes he will make unknowingly. The fact that he has not read this article will certainly not be seen as an excuse. If he regrets what he has done, a second chance may be offered, but in case of recurrence, he will never be able to trade with ATABAŞ GROUP company again.

The above-mentioned issues are the indispensable principles of ATABAŞ GROUP company. It is valid from the date of publication. And it is not open to discussion.

It is announced with respect to the public.

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