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Refineries, the world’s largest sellers of EN590 and JET A1, are fed up with their “Bagster Intermediary Activities” and it is time to clean them up.

10 PPM Gasoil

The world’s leading refineries cooperate with some companies to play an important role in the market share of different companies by trading oil. These companies are generally divided into some divisions between Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Iran and Russia.

Many companies in Dubai are currently spending a lot of time in oil trading and continue to search for new customers in the market to sell products with different procedures.

En590 10 PPM

Companies in Russia try to measure the sales potential in the market by putting their products on the market through Kazakhstan companies and to ensure price balance in order to make a profit from sales by putting their products on the market under favorable conditions. EN590 10 PPM

Common Misconceptions About Petroleum Sales

In this system, which is generally based on fraudulent and fake companies, they try to sell products with a meaningless procedure by using some market players in the ports of Rotterdam and Fujairah.

Condition 1: They constantly wonder whether the customer has money. They find trader companies and check whether the company to which they will sell the product exists. In fact, this is such a ridiculous and meaningless procedure that they themselves know it, but they cannot give up this habit.

Trader companies are official organizations that act as intermediaries for trade. These companies do not trade using their own finances, they trade with the finances of their customers, that is, even if they have money in their safes, they do not have enough money to buy these products. Therefore, they need to terminate this procedure immediately.

Atabas Oil Gas
Atabas Oil Gas

Condition 2: The other company wants to have a tank farm or a ship, which is a very meaningless request. The buyer company will not rent a tank or rent a ship and wait for you without seeing the product documents and making sure of the existence of the product. Instead he wants them to give TSA or CPA, which is exactly one of the stupid procedures of the brokers.

No real tank company in the world puts the confirmed contract between them on the market, this shows how much they rented the tank and causes serious commercial problems. So no one actually issues TSA or CPA.

Condition 3: Granting testing permission for SGS, it is thought that the SGS certificate proves everything, in fact SGS proves nothing. SGS company provides you with only an analysis and quantity report and the existence of the product and the analysis result within the specified period. So, if there is SGS, it does not mean that the product exists, and if there is SGS, the product can be sold. The result of the testing process carried out by SGS is limited only to the quantity report showing the quality of the product and how much product is in the tanks or on the ship.

En590 10 PPM Vessel
En590 10 PPM Vessel

Receiving SGS does not mean that you have ownership of the product, the company in which the product was purchased in which tank and on behalf of the company is the owner of the product, that is, the person who has SGS certified is not the owner of the product. Only the person who wants to buy it determines the quality of the product by having it analyzed and puts it on the market as selling the product with this quality.

Condition 4: Trades with hundreds of brokers often do not conclude correctly. The first priority is to prove the existence of the product. This is the seller’s first priority. If the seller of the product is reluctant to prove the product or makes the transaction difficult with meaningless requests, it means that the product definitely does not exist.

A seller wants to sell the product as soon as possible and continue trading by earning the necessary profit from the product. However, as a result of the attitude of the middlemen and the conference calls of dozens of people talking nonsense, the sellers were fed up with this situation.

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