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Where to Buy Top Quality ENPlus A1 Pellet in Turkey?

Pellet Turkey

Many companies in Turkey may not provide accurate information to their customers just to sell pellets and to meet their demands. Remember, if you want to sell pellets to Europe, the most important thing to consider is the ENplus A1 quality logo on the bags.

If a manufacturer does not have the ENPlus A1 quality certificate, never consider selling this pellet to Europe. Some manufacturers can sell the pellets they buy from different countries by changing the product origin. However, this is not a wise thing, the quality certificate is given depending on certain conditions.

There are only 3 manufacturers and 2 companies with Trader licenses in Turkey. ATABAŞ is one of them. You can see them in the details on our website. You can also find out which companies you can buy products from in Turkey by visiting the EnPlus website.


You can purchase bags belonging to ATABAŞ only from ATABAŞ Group Foreign Trade Limited Company. We do not have an official dealer, distributor or partner in any country or region.

There are many people and organizations we work with, but no matter what, when you see ATABAŞ PELLET, definitely state that you want to see the invoice. Otherwise, we are not responsible for a copy product belonging to ATABAŞ GROUP FOREIGN TRADE LIMITED COMPANY.

Many companies may make false statements for commercial purposes only, but it is very easy to confirm this, you can reach us 24/7 via our e-mail addresses and phone numbers. Whatever the offers you receive, please do not hesitate to ask us.

Pellet is about to become one of Turkey’s main export items. This is good for our exports, but since there is no institution controlling this market, a lot of fake business is going on.

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