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Why are EnPlus A1 and EnPlus A2 Important for Pellet?

Atabas Pellet

Why are EnPlus A1 and EnPlus A2 Important?

A new trend has started in the world, this trend is related to the widespread use of bio fuel called Pellet. We used to have Metal Stoves in our homes. We would burn wood and economize on many things and use it for different needs. Stoves were useful for heating water, cooking, cooking chestnuts and hundreds more. Going back to the past, we now understand the importance of BIO fuels more.

Atabas Pellet

It is very important for us to use BIO ENERGY to increase the use of fuel that does not harm nature and to secure our future. This is where my experiments come into play, first of all I would like to tell you a little about EnPlus. Establishing a supply chain in accordance with the tried standards set by Europe, EnPlus allows manufacturers and suppliers to trade in a chain with links connected to each other.

It creates a certification program among companies with EnPlus certificate. If the manufacturers want to sell their products to Europe, they go through a certain inspection. For this, there are inspection companies that EnPlus has contracted with. Like Control Union. It gives the right to be published in the list on the website to the companies that have completed many inspections such as product quality, production facility, which product they use after internal tests with these inspection companies and are entitled to receive this certificate.

Atabas Pellet EnPlus Certificate

Even though there is a different control logic for the traders, they establish the same system in almost every subject, and the traders are also subject to control. Certain special information is given and only manufacturers with EnPlus certificate are allowed to buy and sell products. Thus, the links of the chain are not broken. The important thing here is not to have EnPlus A1 or EnPlus A2 certificate. The important thing here is to produce products in European standards and to sell this product to Europe. Companies that have a certificate have a production quota, and traders can use some or all of these quotas.

EnPlus not only issues certificates, but also monitors the continuity of transactions, sales processes, and who sells how many quotas. Thus, if a product that does not belong to him is allocated, he knows what amount of product the companies sold to which company that year.

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