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Rotterdam ULSD 10 PPM and JET A1 Sales Procedures Need to Change Now!


Rotterdam ULSD 10 PPM and JET A1 Sales Procedures Need to Change Now! Rotterdam, one of the largest ports where the world’s leading companies stop to sell petroleum products, is now under serious investigation due to the schemes of fake sellers, fake tank companies defrauding people and the products not being sold.

We know that many companies want to do business in Rotterdam, but due to ridiculous procedures, the products in Rotterdam cannot be sold, or fake companies deceive people with sales promises, and the sector is constantly filled with complaints from real companies that fall for the sales promises of fake companies.

The procedures devised by Kazakhstan companies and the schemes established by Russian companies to sell products by working with Kazakh companies all face the same problem. Kazakhstan companies are developing meaningless procedures. Especially regarding this TSA issue, no real oil buyer company will make a storage agreement with the Tank Company without the product. TSA is a confidential document and should never be out in public. Even if the TSA is given to the final seller, this will cause the price agreement between the two companies to be negotiated. For this reason, the confidential contract cannot be shared with others.


Stop Asking for TSA!
If there is a product on the market, it must first be proven by the seller that this product exists. There is no product, no seller, brokers have a lot of meaningless procedure documents floating around. Whether or not these brokers know whether they are sellers or not, they fall for these stupid procedures and think they will find customers with this procedure.

ATTENTION HERE! Refineries and Broker companies give them the procedures for works that they will never be able to complete, but when they find a real buyer, those procedures are eliminated and they proceed directly to the purchasing process. So the procedure given to the Broker is just FEED. A tool used to show the carrot from the front and make it follow.

The criteria for selling a product are already clear. If there is a product from a tank company, the seller gives the CUSTOMER ID and writes an ATV for the product in the Tank Company to confirm that there is a product there, and with this document, the Tank Company confirms the existence of the product either by e-mail, by phone or physically, and evidence. Afterwards, the buyer company finds the same tank company or a company with an available empty tank close to its location, or takes the necessary steps to dock a ship. There is NO PRODUCT, they are selling dreams.

The seller must prove the product he sells. That much is clear, if you have a product in hand, you cannot call a customer without showing the product. No customer will be involved in such a purchase. Don’t take anyone for a fool anymore.

Here is the Sales Procedure in its simplest form.

The seller who claims that a product exists issues a LEYCAN and issues the Invoice. If the customer will take the product to the tank rather than to the Ship, proof of the existence of the product is required. ATV sends an invoice including INVOICE and Agency information. Customer receives the ATV and signs the Invoice. Afterwards, he informs his own agency with this ATV. Product confirmation is made. Then the Buyer sends his customer ID and agency information to the buyer. The Seller’s Agency informs that the tank is available and the transactions are ready for purchase. Then the Injection Program is made and the product is sent to the buyer’s tanks on behalf of the seller. The buyer makes the payment at that time and the trade is completed. All product documents are delivered to the buyer. After all the documents, from SGS to reports, an agreement is made for other trades.

When you go to a market, what you want is to buy a piece of bread, you go to the market and take the bread from the shelf. You also have the freedom to choose the bread, with sesame, without sesame, poppy seed, walnut, whatever you like. You go to the market knowing what you want and you already have the money in your pocket to buy that bread. Security guard waiting at the door of the market. Do you come to buy bread but have money in your pocket? He can’t say such a thing to anyone, just show me your money and get in. The intermediaries of the oil sellers “think they are a blessing like a bean” and think that everyone will do what they say. However, all a broker or a trader has to do is to ensure that the trade is concluded correctly.

I think there is only one factor that prevents trades from being completed, the STUPID procedures written in the documents. Selling oil is not that difficult of a trade, you can do it quite easily with companies that know the business.

Nobody wants to trade in the market with Kazakhstan companies, many countries think that the documents coming from them are fake and not useful, especially the European market. Of course, many countries provide the necessary support to complete the trade with documents, thinking that declaration is essential here, but unfortunately it does not constitute trust anymore due to the fact that there is too much fake information.

This situation needs to change as soon as possible.

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